Monday, 18 March 2013

Office Web Apps Server - Patching

The process of patching a Office Web Apps Server is simply enough, the latest patch KB2760445, can be found at

The thing to remember is that the as part of the upgrade process you will need to break and re-create the server farm.

This article,, has the steps involved for both a single server farm and for multiple server farm.

But basically its:

  1. Down load the patch
  2. Remove the Server from the farm Remove-OfficeWebAppsMachine
  3. Install the patch
  4. Re-create the server farm New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -InternalURL "http://...." .....

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Polycom VVX and Lync Server

So I have been playing around with the Polycom VVX IP Phones more and more lately and with the new features that are coming in the next few months I think this could become the go-to phone for Lync deployments that need IP Phones on the desk.

So of the features that I like include:

  • Touch Screen for user authentication
  • Ability to us Lync PIN number for authentication
  • With UC Software release 4.1 or better the address book is downloaded to the phone, so no need to do anything with number normalisation/dial plans on the VVX phone
  • Retrieve Lync server root certificate automatically using DHCP Option 43
Currently to upgrade the phone you can either do it manually (not a problem is you only have a few phones) or can use a provisioning server.  The provisioning server, from what I have found can be:
  • FTP (Default)
  • TFTP
  • HTTP
  • FTPS 
To define the host for your provisioning server you can use DHCP option 66 (Boot Server Host Name) option 66 is a string value, by default the VVX phones will use FTP to download the configuration file and any firmware updates.

The default username and password for the VVX phones to use for the FTP session is defined within some of the Polycom support documents, OR you can use the same DHCP option 66 with the format "username:password@FTP Server IP/Hostname", without the quotes, this will allow you to define the username and password.  One word of warning this username and password is passed via clear text in the DHCP messages so it can easily be found.

Some Polycom pages that i found useful include:

List of Agents in Skype Work Groups

To get a list of agents in a skype work group run the following command via PowerShell: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Get-CsRgsAgentGroup | s...