Monday 10 August 2015

Exchange 2013 UM Certificate

After spending some time this morning trying to deploy a new certificate for Exchange UM in a Exchange 2013 server, I figured I would do this quick post so that I don't have to go looking next time around.

To create the new certificate request from the exchange management shell:
$certReq = new-exchangecertificate -subjectName "C=AU,S=NSW,L=My UC Thoughts,O=City, OU=IT,CN=E2K13.myucthoughts.local" -domainName E2K13.myucthoughts.local -privatekeyexportable $true -generaterequest

set-content -path "c:\certificates\UM.req" -value $certReq

From here you can then complete request from the Certificate Authority to approve the certificate using the UM.req file.  Once you have the certificate you can "complete" the pending certificate request from the Exchange 2013 server.

Update 28/08/2015:
Found this site today that has a web form and it will generate the "New-ExchangeCertificate" command for you to copy and paste.

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