Wednesday 18 November 2015

Response Group Usage Reports - Slow to run

I have been looking at an issue today with a co-worker, where the Lync "Response Group Usage" report would take either forever to run, or never complete.

Whilst searching around for what I had thought I had seen before with a particular CU release, I came across a TechNet forum post here.

Craig Chiffers, has written a blog post about it too..

Thursday 8 October 2015

Polycom VVX Timestamp

After some digging around today to try and find what the format of the time stamp from the Polycom VVX model IP Phones, so figured that I would do a quick post so that I can find it next time.

The time stamp is in the format MMDDHHMMSS

In my log file I have:
1008042609|cfg |*|00|Prov|Starting to provision

From the above format, this was written to the log on the 8th October at 4:26:09 AM

I found the details at the following site:

Monday 10 August 2015

Exchange 2013 UM Certificate

After spending some time this morning trying to deploy a new certificate for Exchange UM in a Exchange 2013 server, I figured I would do this quick post so that I don't have to go looking next time around.

To create the new certificate request from the exchange management shell:
$certReq = new-exchangecertificate -subjectName "C=AU,S=NSW,L=My UC Thoughts,O=City, OU=IT,CN=E2K13.myucthoughts.local" -domainName E2K13.myucthoughts.local -privatekeyexportable $true -generaterequest

set-content -path "c:\certificates\UM.req" -value $certReq

From here you can then complete request from the Certificate Authority to approve the certificate using the UM.req file.  Once you have the certificate you can "complete" the pending certificate request from the Exchange 2013 server.

Update 28/08/2015:
Found this site today that has a web form and it will generate the "New-ExchangeCertificate" command for you to copy and paste.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Get-SfBNumbers.ps1 Customisation

This is a fantastic script by StÃ¥le Hansen that is available for Lync 2010, Lync 2013 and Skype for Business 2015.  It allows you to move away from spreadsheets for number management and utilize the real-time configuration of the Lync environment to know what numbers have been allocated and are in use.

The script is available from the TechNet Galleries:

More information is available on:

To customise for your deployment I have found the following things to complete:
1. Update the Custom Number Ranges for your sites

2. Set the number of digit you use for your extension length:

Friday 29 May 2015

Tenor Configuration with Sonus SBC

We have been deploying a few Tenor gateways latest and always seem to run into the same issue of forgetting the "Use Routing Table" tick box and then wondering why we don't have the require menu items within Tenor Config Manager.

So this post is to document something in the hope that I remember what we did for next time...

Steps to deploy:

  • Update Tenor to latest firmware, you can download the Tenor firmware from the Sonus portal.
  • Allocation the following to the Tenor
    • IP Address
    • DNS Settings
    • Default Gateway
    • Phone Number - Need to ensure that format is the same across all units
  • Run the Tenor Config Manager Configuration Wizard and complete the details
  • Build the required configuration on the Sonus SBC including:
    • Transformation Tables
    • Route Groups
    • SIP Server Tables
    • Call Routing Table
    • Signalling Group
  • Within the Lync environment add the CsAnalogueDevice configuration
My plan is to add further details at a later stage (when I get time), with screen shots etc....

But things to remember:
Tickbox for "Use Routing Table"
Set the minimum number of digits to something that will work..

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Exchange UM Caller ID

I have a customer issue at the moment that missed call and voice mail notification from PABX to Lync users are not showing correctly for the client.

Instead of the showing:
I am getting:

After some searching around I found the following details on the TechNet site on how Exchange 2010 completes "Name lookups" from a caller ID.

Understanding Name Lookups from a Caller ID

Now in this case we are using E.164 number in only users that have been enabled for Lync, as we are routing calls from an upstream Sonus SBC1000 connected to the PSTN (SIP Trunk) a PABX (Primary Rate ISDN), and Lync (SIP)

I need to test out the solution but I'm hoping that adding the E.164 number to a users "msExchUMCallingLineIDs", as shown in the TechNet article.

Once I get confirmation that the fix worked/doesnt work, I will update this port. 

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