Wednesday 16 October 2013

Office Web Apps Server Troubleshooting

So today I was troubleshooting a deployment of an Office Web Apps Server (OWAS) and need to check to see if it was working.  After some research I came across a TechNet I found this nice article.

Validating the Configuration of Office Web Apps Server

Basically there are three (3) URL used for testing..

  • https://Internal FQDN/hosting/discovery will give a XML configuration file for you to view/download
  • https://Internal FQDN/m/Presenter.aspx?a=0&e=true& will give the following error message

    • https://External FQDN/m/Presenter.aspx?a=0&e=true& will also give the following error 

    Once the Lync Server Web Conferencing (RTCDATAMCU) has started you can check the Lync event viewer for event id "41032" this will list the internal and external presenter and attendee pages that we tested previously in this post.

    If the event id 41032 does not have the internal and external configured, check the configuration of your Office Web Apps Farm.

    The example below has the internal URL missing from the 41032 event id, as I had the Office Web Farm configured for only SSL and I had typo'd the internal URL to only be http://.......

    Once I removed the Office Web Apps Farm (Remove-OfficeWebAppsMachine) and re-created the farm the 41032 event id showed the correct URL.

    As I find more ways to test the Office Web Apps Server setup I will update this post..

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