Tuesday 20 January 2015

Exchange UM Caller ID

I have a customer issue at the moment that missed call and voice mail notification from PABX to Lync users are not showing correctly for the client.

Instead of the showing:
I am getting:

After some searching around I found the following details on the TechNet site on how Exchange 2010 completes "Name lookups" from a caller ID.

Understanding Name Lookups from a Caller ID

Now in this case we are using E.164 number in only users that have been enabled for Lync, as we are routing calls from an upstream Sonus SBC1000 connected to the PSTN (SIP Trunk) a PABX (Primary Rate ISDN), and Lync (SIP)

I need to test out the solution but I'm hoping that adding the E.164 number to a users "msExchUMCallingLineIDs", as shown in the TechNet article.

Once I get confirmation that the fix worked/doesnt work, I will update this port. 

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