Monday 16 July 2012


So everyone knows by now that the Lync IP phones don't support Music on Hold (MoH), the some of the early Lync phone clients would let you place calls on hold from the Lync client on the PC and then MoH would be played from the PC.  But this seems to have been "removed" as a feature during a CU update.

From version 2.1.x of the NET UX gateway you can now have MoH played to PSTN callers when a Lync IP Phone places a call on hold.

The supported file types include:
  • PCMA
  • PCMU
  • WAV 
  • PCM
  • G726
The supported file must have a sampling rate of 8KHz and be a mono channel.

There is also a limit to the size of the file that can be uploaded. On the UX1000 the max file size is 1MB and 4MB for the UX2000.

Steps in configuring the UX for MoH include:
Upload the selected file to the DSP of the UX gateway, from the Settings tab, select "Media --> Media System Configuration" and select "Upload Music File"
Once the upload has been completed you will get the following "Upload Status"
Verify that the MoH file has been uploaded into the UX DSP's by selecting "System --> DSPs"
The next steps involve updating the signalling groups to allow for the MoH, select the SIP signalling group to the Lync Mediation server, there are three (3) options
  • Disabled
  • Always Enabled
  • Enabled for 2-Way Hold Only
Music is never played
Always Enabled
Music is always played for the extension placed on hold. This is one-way only
Enabled for 2-Way Hold Only
Music is only played when both parties to a call have placed the call on hold. For example, if party A and party B both place the call on hold music will be heard by whichever party takes the call off hold first, indicating that the other person has placed the call on hold.
The usual setting for this value is "Always Enabled"

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