Monday 10 February 2014

Client Version Policy - User Agent

I always have to go looking for this, so figured today I would post about it.

The client version policy can check Lync client versions and Block/Allow versions as per required. 

There are a few "Actions":

  • Allow
  • Allow with URL
  • Block
  • Block with URL
The "with URL" setting allows you to send users to a specific site to upgrade or provide additional information.

The "User Agents" are defined as follows:
  • RTC - Real Time Communication Client
  • WM - Windows Messenger
  • OC - Lync 2013, Lync 2010, Office Communicator
  • UCCP - Unified Communication Platform
  • CPE - Communicator Phone Edition
  • OCPhone - Lync Phone Edition
  • iPadLync - Lync for iPad
  • iPhoneLync - Lync for iPhone
  • WPLync - Lync for Windows Phone
  • NokiaLync - Lync for Nokia
  • AndroidLync - Lync for Android
  • McxService - Mobility Service

I found the User agent information on the following site:

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