Friday 29 May 2015

Tenor Configuration with Sonus SBC

We have been deploying a few Tenor gateways latest and always seem to run into the same issue of forgetting the "Use Routing Table" tick box and then wondering why we don't have the require menu items within Tenor Config Manager.

So this post is to document something in the hope that I remember what we did for next time...

Steps to deploy:

  • Update Tenor to latest firmware, you can download the Tenor firmware from the Sonus portal.
  • Allocation the following to the Tenor
    • IP Address
    • DNS Settings
    • Default Gateway
    • Phone Number - Need to ensure that format is the same across all units
  • Run the Tenor Config Manager Configuration Wizard and complete the details
  • Build the required configuration on the Sonus SBC including:
    • Transformation Tables
    • Route Groups
    • SIP Server Tables
    • Call Routing Table
    • Signalling Group
  • Within the Lync environment add the CsAnalogueDevice configuration
My plan is to add further details at a later stage (when I get time), with screen shots etc....

But things to remember:
Tickbox for "Use Routing Table"
Set the minimum number of digits to something that will work..

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