Wednesday 27 June 2012

Lync Normalisation Rules - Pattern Matching

The table below outlines some of the available regular expressions for Lync number normalisation.  

Explanation of example
Match at beginning of string
Match the digits 123 at the beginning of the string
Captures the matched sub expression
Capture what is between the parentheses into a numbered variable, starting at 1 which can be accessed as $n, eg $1
Specifies zero or more matches
Specifies one or more matches
Specifies zero or one matches
Specifies exactly n matches
Match 4 digits
Specifies at least n matches
Match at least 3 digits (with no limit to number of digits matched
Specifies at least n, but no more than m, matches.
Match at least 3 digits but no more than 6 digits
Matches any decimal digit
Match any decimal digit (at the beginning of a string)
Matches any one of the terms separated by the | (vertical bar) character
134 | 135
Match either the string 134 or the string 135
The match must occur at the end of the string
Match exactly digits 123 (and not 1234)

The Lync number normalisation is based on .NET regular expression, more details can be found on the MSDN site:

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