Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Deploying SEFAutil for Lync

This is a quick guide on how to install the SEFAUtil tool onto an existing Lync 2013 Standard Edition FE Server, at one stage this wasn't supported but I'm not sure if that still the case..

Software Required:
Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API
Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Resource Kit Tools (SEFAUtil tool in in this)

Once the UCMA software is installed you will need to create Trusted Application Pool:
New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -id fe2013.myucthoughts.local -Registrar fe2013.myucthoughts.lcoal -site Site:1

Define the SEAFUtil tool as the trusted application
New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationID sefautil -trustedApplicationPoolFqdn fe2013.myucthoughts.local -port 7489

Enable the newly created topology

Once the Trusetd Application Pool has been created you can then install the Lync 2013 Resource Kits

Remember to change the values required from my lab FE server "fe2013.myucthoughts.local" to what your server/pool is called.

So I have was having issue with when running the sefautil command i would receive no information back from the FE server, this would found to be a typo in the new-trustedapplication cmdlet, I had typed "-applicationID seafutil" rather than the "-applicationID sefautil" that the command is actually called.

I have also seen blogs with users not having the correct permissions to be able to run the sefautil command will also receive the same output.

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