Tuesday 27 September 2016

TMSncc Logs

This will be a living post of call codes from the TMSncc logs from ShoreTel:

C-CE: Call Creation Event - Call Initiation
L-CE: Leg Create Event - Follows a C-CE for every call setup. Internal blind transfers C-CE may be skipped.
L-IE: Leg Info Event - Follows a C-CE, L-CE. Leg Info; Provides info on other parties in the call.
C-SE: Call State Event - State of call in progress; all parties. RingBack, Offering, Established, etc.
L-SE: Leg State Event - Follows a C-SE to inform the leg state changes.
L-DE: Leg Destroy Event - Call tear down; Leg is destroyed.
C-DE: Call Destroy Event - Call destroyed by user or system.
G-MST: - Media State Event - Media state for the terminated call leg. Every RTP stream also has a media state.

Some more details:

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